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Bookmakers are known to offer enticing welcome bonuses, which is undisputedly one of the key elements in the realm of sports betting. Accessibility and bonus structure of promotions widely differ among betting sites, whether it is obtained with a promotion code, in the form of free bets or deposit matches. In this article, we provide an overview of the fundamentals of sports betting and identify the best bonuses available on the market right now.

What is a welcome bonus ?

It is important to note that a welcome bonus offered by bookmakers will only be valid once, unless given special permission. Initially conceived to draw in more bettors, the prominence of this concept has drastically risen due to the competition among bookmakers in recent years. The concept of sports betting sites is straightforward; they offer many benefits to their new users, including free bets and doubling of the first deposit. This encourages them to take advantage of the various offers made by these platforms. The Unibet and ZEbet welcome bonuses have been specially designed to cater to the needs of bettors, as well as incentivise them to remain loyal. If you are keen on availing these offers, do not delay in signing up for both sites – each bonus offer is lucrative and should be taken advantage of.

Sports betting bonus: why is it interesting ?

To attract new customers, sports betting operators implemented a variety of bonuses. This has resulted in an abundance of potential rewards for those entering the online sports betting space. And it is especially in this that the deal is interesting for you. Due to the intense competition in the European market, operators had to come up with unique promotions and offers in order to differentiate themselves from competitors and gain an advantage. Registering multiple times can provide various advantages like a refunded stake if you lose or a doubled sum when initially depositing.

What are the different types of bookies bonuses ?

Bookies bonuses are an increasingly popular way for bookmakers to entice customers to sign up and bet with them. There are a variety of different types of bookies bonuses available, ranging from welcome bonuses to loyalty rewards and more. In this article, we take a look at the various types of bookies bonuses available and how they can be used to your advantage when betting.

  1. The bet reimbursed
  2. The free bet
  3. The bonus on deposit

When you begin to enter the realm of online betting, it is important to be aware that bonuses from sports betting websites may come in various forms. In summary, registering for a sports betting app or website can give you access to various benefits regardless of the platform.

The bet reimbursed

Paid bets are still one of the most frequently seen bonuses amongst bookmakers today. Placing money with a sports betting site is fairly straightforward. The first bet, if lost, will be refunded in full so that you don’t begin your journey on a sour note. The welcome bonus offered by most bookmakers, which generally varies from €50 to €100, will be a great asset for you when you join as it can provide some extra value.

The free bet

Another popular form of bonus is a free bet (sometimes referred to as a freebet). The benefit to the player in this scenario is straightforward. Upon registering with a certain bookmaker, the bettor may be given a free bet of a set amount at specified conditions. In most cases, the free bet bonus is given to customers who lost their initial bet placed on the platform. This helps to compensate for the loss and encourages more frequent betting.

The bonus on deposit

Finally, the third major type of welcome offer provided by bookmakers is the deposit bonus. It is a straightforward offer which usually involves doubling the initial amount deposited to bet on the site. As an example, upon registration if somebody deposits €80 to their account, the bookmaker may offer them another €80 in order to play with at home. Veteran gamblers often value the bonus they receive, and it can likewise be a good way for a beginner to quickly build up their betting budget.

Besides the aforementioned large-scale bonuses, there are other forms of rewards available such as sponsorship bonuses if you refer a friend to the site or bookmaker bonuses for specific deposits and major sports events. To maximize your profits, you should sign up for as many bookmakers as available in your country. Comparing the odds and ratings across different platforms can help you earn more money and double your potential benefits.

Bookmaker bonus comparison

In order to decide the classification of optimal rewards for virtual gaming platforms, we took into consideration all relevant factors. While evaluating bookmakers, we focused on three major criteria for all bettors, regardless of their level of experience or skill. These included the reliability and trustworthiness of the bookmaker in question.

Primarily, the amount of bonus offered by the bookmaker is taken into consideration. We have exhaustively studied each of the market’s maximum bonuses to ascertain which ones are most generous. Bonuses are usually in the range of 100€, but may occasionally go up to 150€ or be even higher. Consequently, one of the primary considerations in our categorization, although it is not the most significant given the proximity of suggested figures currently.

The second key factor considered in this study was the type of bonus. We looked into various benefits offered by betting sites, such as free bets, paid bets or bonus on first deposit. As per our survey, reimbursement of a wager is advantageous when compared with a free bet and slightly lower than an initial deposit bonus.

Lastly, the third key criteria for our selection is centred around the requirements to claim the bonus. In this article, we have discussed the relevant conditions for attaining various benefits such as bonus amounts, minimum ratings of eligible games, playing timings and number of rounds to pass in order to unlock the bonus. When assessing different bonuses, it is important to consider the ‘reimbursed bet’ option, which tends to be rated lower in comparison with the ‘Freebet’ option. One of the most important factors for us is to assume the role of the player and determine if it is easy to receive the benefits promised when registering.

After considering all the criteria, we have determined our rankings for the best bookmaker bonuses. Each offer is highly attractive and worthwhile to explore in more detail. In summary, it is essential to register with all bookmakers as it offers quick rewards without much risk. It is always advisable to only register with a betting site that is legal and holds a valid licence. If you don’t, your gaming experience will not be secure and any potential winnings may not be secured in full.

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