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Players look for the best bookmakers to optimise their gaming experience and maximise their betting returns. While every sports betting site offers its own benefits, some are much more notable than others and should be taken into account when registering. Our experts have crafted a comparison on this page that aims to help you find the best bookmaker for your needs. Through this comparison, you will be able to make an educated decision about which bookmaker is the ideal fit for you. If you are looking to make a choice, please feel free to research the various sports betting promo codes currently available.

What is a Bookmaker ?

Primarily, what is a bookmaker? If you are new to the world of online betting, it is important to note that a bookmaker is a professional who offers financial reward in exchange for initial bets on sporting events. Bookmakers from the United Kingdom have a long history, initially having physical outlets and now also present on the internet through numerous websites.

Bet online, the climax of bookies

Online bookmakers have become the preferred choice of sports bettors for their convenience, simplicity and user-friendliness. Furthermore, with the emergence of sports betting apps, they enable individuals to place bets at any time of day.

Betting has a simple concept; each possibility of an event is associated with an odds rating which you can wager money on. If one aims to wager on a win for Marseille against Paris in Ligue 1, then that would be a reasonable choice. If you wager €10 on a possible success of the OM with the given rating of 2.00, you can earn €20 as gross earnings from the bookmaker if the result proves to be satisfactory. Conversely, if the PSG wins or the game is tied, you will lose your wager of 10 € and it will be received by the bookmaker. Sports betting (as well as online betting in general) comes down to this fundamental premise.

Bookmaker comparison

As demonstrated by the comparative table above, there is a wide variety of bookies available in the market. It is recommended that you register with each bookmaker in order to maximise your potential earnings. You should take the time to research which sites are the best for betting and understand why they are best suited for your needs.

In this article, we will be demonstrating the procedure we adopted to rank the top sports betting websites. Our experts paid great attention to various metrics when evaluating bookmakers.

The following criteria are essential for our classification:

  • Site security
  • The quality of the site
  • The diversity of sports betting
  • The level of ratings
  • The welcome bonus
  • Promotions
  • Payment methods
  • Customer service

Our evaluation of the most advantageous destinations includes a number of variables. To gain a better understanding, please continue reading and examine the additional criteria we have taken into account.

The level of ratings

Besides assessing the reliability, reputation, transaction quality and offering of live bets, we initially focused on what really mattered to you – that is, the level of odds.

Various sporting events such as football, tennis, basketball and rugby are all suitable for betting on online betting platforms. This makes them all available to wager on regardless of the game type. In order to categorize the bookies in our comparison, we first took the time to compare and analyze the values proposed for each bet, of numerous offers. Specifically, should Unibet offer a rating of 2.00 for the victory of Marseille over Paris whereas Betclic only offers a rating of 1.80, then the former bookmaker Unibet will be more attractive to bettors. The opposite is true if the case is reversed.

The quality of the betting site

The second factor to consider when looking for the best sports betting site is the quality of the website itself. The user interface is of utmost importance to us, given that players may spend a significant amount of time navigating the betting site.

A great gaming experience is not only determined by aesthetic design and visuals, but also by how well it is optimized in terms of page loading time, fluidity and user-friendliness. All these factors are equally essential for a thoroughly enjoyable game experience. Following extensive testing, and with continual daily assessment, our team has taken the liberty of providing each bookmaker a second grade in our ranking scale.

The diversity of sports betting

We wanted to emphasize the third criterion, which is the diversity of the available bets. Much like the level of ratings provided, the range of markets you can play with had a significant impact on our classification. Consequently, websites that offer numerous wagers on rare events, novel markets, and different challenges receive a high rating from our expert reviewers. Variety of betting options is of utmost importance for any bookmaker. Hence, the best sports betting sites should provide a huge selection of games for customers to choose from.

Welcome bonus offered by bookmakers

Subsequently, the fourth key criterion we employed for classifying was the quality of the welcome bonus. Besides the regular offers on gambling websites, new customers are often welcomed with exclusive sign-up bonuses. Such incentives, as well as other promotional activities that take place throughout the year, make betting even more exciting. Bonuses can vary and can take the form of cashback, freebets and even doubling of a person’s initial deposit.

After assessing the bonuses from various bookmakers, we evaluated each site in terms of its bonus offering, amount provided and conditions to redeem the bonus. When you make your first steps into the bookmaker, is one of the criteria that you will need to evaluate is sure to be relevant.

Bookmaker’s Customer service

Lastly, it is paramount that customer service be of the highest quality with your chosen bookmaker. In the process of determining our ultimate list of the best bookmakers, we have taken into account numerous other factors apart from the key one which is held in high esteem by us. It is important for bookmakers to be available to their customers in order to answer queries, resolve dilemmas or provide support from a practical standpoint. Taking into account the importance of customer support, we have investigated the different means of contact available (email, telephone, chat, etc.) that each betting site makes available to you in order to provide assistance. When evaluating online bookies, their customer service should be a priority. After all, it guarantees a great gaming experience and the best bookmakers are usually the ones that have the greatest support for their customers. It is something to keep in mind.

FAQ about bookmakers

How to bet on a bookmaker?

To make sports betting with a bookmaker hassle-free, follow the below steps. It is both straightforward and secure.

Which bookmaker offers the best odds?

Here, you can find out which bookmakers offer the best odds for a better chance of winning. Betting with high odds can lead to higher rewards.

Which bookmaker pays out cash?

Many bookmakers provide sign-up bonuses, and some of them even reimburse you in cash.

Which bookmakers accept PayPal?

This page contains a list of bookmakers who accept PayPal for payment.

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